Anthropology professor Heath Cabot speaking in Athens, Greece.Anthropology professor Heath Cabot speaking in Athens, Greece. Credit: Isabella FrangouliCabot, the author of “On the Doorstep of Europe: Asylum and Citizenship in Greece” (Penn Press 2014), has long been interested in the country and has done field research there for many years. Beginning in January of this year, Cabot worked in Greece as a Fulbright Scholar and visiting professor in the department of social anthropology at Panteion University.

Her latest research has focused on some of the ways Greeks have banded together to help themselves and their neighbors while dealing with serious economic austerity measures that have decimated any reliable social safety nets.

“This kind of mobilization of regular people around these profound needs has been pretty incredible,” she said.

“Greece: solidarity in a time of crisis.”

Human Ecology Forum w/ Dr. Heath Cabot.

Tuesday, Oct. 6.

4:10 p.m.

McCormick Lecture Hall. 

Cabot began studying immigration in Greece in 2004 and published her book in 2013. Over the intervening years, the country was hit by a devastating financial crisis and subsequent austerity measures.

Cabot has been very interested in exploring how people adapt to austerity and in so doing create new aspects of community, research which she finds relevant to many political situations around the globe.

“While solidarity often has strong political connotations , in practice it is often more about people showing up and doing stuff – often very difficult work,” she said. “I am trying to figure out what it means in both theory and practice for the people doing this kind of work.”

The Human Ecology Forum is a weekly speaker series based on the work of the academic community, which also draws on artists, poets, political, and religious leaders from around the world. The forum is open to the public and meets Tuesdays at 4:10 p.m. during the school term in the McCormick Lecture Hall.