The Strange Eyes of Dr. Myes, by COA film prof. Nancy Andrews, is the Imagine Science Outstanding Feature for 2015.Kickstarter-funded, locally made, and backed by decades of diverse artistic output, Strange Eyes of Dr. Myes is a tour-de-force of B-movie camp, high weirdness and contemporary experimental techniques.

The movie, a combination of science fiction, musical, and animation, follows Dr. Sheri Myes—played by Michole Briana White—as she attempts to use brain science to revolutionize human consciousness.  After making herself a research subject and transforming into a creature with super senses, Dr. Myes must face a host of consequences.

COA film prof. Nancy Andrews,left, and actress Michole Briana White.COA film prof. Nancy Andrews,left, and actress Michole Briana White. Credit: Courtesy of Nancy AndrewsOn Oct. 24, the movie was named Outstanding Feature by the Imagine Science Film Festival. The Outstanding Feature Award is given to the feature film that best incorporates science into a unique and compelling long-form narrative, whether fictional or documentary. This is the first year that a feature award has been presented.

“It is always nice to get recognition,” Andrews said. “There are so many interesting things going on in the world and so few get recognized, so it is an honor. The Imagine Science Film organization is super interesting and functioning in the the kind of hybrid, liminal spaces that I love.”

The Imagine Science Film Festival was held Oct. 16-24 at venues around New York City, including Anthology Film Archives, BRIC, the American Museum of Natural History, and the Morbid Anatomy Museum.  The awards were presented on the festival’s closing night at BRIC Arts | Media House in Brooklyn. 

Andrews said that her creative work continues to focus around similar themes to Strange Eyes, and that pushing the subject past the confines of film is the net likely step. 

“We are working towards a series based on The Strange Eyes of Dr. Myes.,” she said. “We are exploring alternate modes of exhibition including: virtual reality, art gallery/installation and performance/digital moving image hybrids.”