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Development Office - Turrets, 2nd floor

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Ask me about...

giving to COA, planned gifts, Black Fly Society, stock transfers, our priorities, what advancement means, my daughter, Morgan, and plans to hike on all 7 continents. Four down, three to go.

Before COA

I’ve worked at COA as the head of the development team since 2007.  COA is a fabulous place to work! I have been in philanthropy for almost all my career. Before COA, I was at Healthcare Charities, which is the development arm of Eastern Maine Medical Center and other organizations within EMHS. 

My most frequently asked question is...

“Does my gift really matter?”  And yes, it does. (See below.)  

Second most frequently asked question is: “Where is the water bubbler on this floor?”

What else?

I love COA’s development philosophy. We believe in participation over amount - a gift of any size matters. Also we don’t ask people for a major gift until it’s the right time, the right gift, and the right amount. We work with people who care about the College as a whole -  or a certain faculty member, or the campus, or a particular program, a group of say, international students, or the island in general. We learn their interests and, over time, we find the right project for them to invest in. We aim for the gift that they will find most meaningful. We view giving as a very personal relationship.