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Ethnographic Research Methods

Feminist Theory in a Transnational Frame II

Honors and Awards

2013 Duke-Bergen Irigaray Circle Conference Grant
2012 Jewish Studies Summer Research and Write-Up Grant (Duke University)
2010 Franklin Humanities Institute and Women’s Studies JWTC Workshop Grant
2009-2010 Women’s Studies Dissertation Fellowship (Duke University)
2008-2009 Franklin Humanities Institute Dissertation Working Group Award
2007-2008 Wenner-Gren Dissertation Fieldwork Grant (Wenner-Gren Foundation for Anthropological Research) 
2007 Aleane Webb Dissertation Research Award (Duke University)
2006 Ernestine Friedl Research Award (Women’s Studies, Duke University)
2006 Graduate School Summer Research Grant, (Duke University)
2005 Tinker Field Research Grant (Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies, Duke University)
2004 Graduate School Summer Research Grant, (Duke University)
2004 Race and Gender Research Award, (Women’s Studies, Duke University)
2004 Center for International Studies Summer Research Grant, (Duke)
2003 Foreign Language Area Studies Summer Award (Duke FLAS for SummerLanguage Study)
2003 Center for International Studies Summer Research Grant (Duke University)(Declined)
2002-2003 Duke Latin American Studies Fellowship (Duke Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies)


Selected Publications

(in progress) The Israeli Jewish Question

(under review) “Israeli Autoimmunity”

Peer Reviewed Publications

2020 “Israelijew Jewisraeli: Yoram Kaniuk’s Adam Resurrected and the Problem of the Human.” In Religions. 11(4). pgs.1-16.

2016 “Humanity Lost: Alterity and the Politics of a Melancholic Anthropology.” In Anthropology and Humanism. Vol. 41(1): pgs. 44-65.

Other Publications

2016 “An Anthropological Paradox” Review of Ilana Feldman’s Police Encounters: Security and Surveillance in Gaza under Egyptian Rule in Anthropology Quarterly. Vol.89(1): pgs. 355-361.

2015 “On Calls to Boycott Israeli Academia” in Public Seminar. The New School. 

2015 “Review of Deconstructing Zionism” in Critical Inquiry. Vol. 42 (2): pgs. 412-414.


Talks (Selected)

2020 (upcoming) “Israel and the Prosthesis of Origin” (Derrida Today conference, Marseille, France)

2020 (upcoming) panel organizer of Derrida Today conference panel: “Jewish Difference and the Borders of the Human” (Marseille, France)

2018 “Hauntology of Language: The Politics of Israel and the ‘Character of the University’” (“Questions of Education” panel at Derrida Today conference, Montreal, CA)

2017 “Borders of Unbelonging in Israel” (AAA meeting, Washington D.C.)

2016 “Israeli-Jewish Difference and Questions of Sacrifice” (AAA meeting, Minneapolis, MN)

2016 “Zionism’s Autoimmunity” (Derrida Today Conference, Goldsmiths, University of London)

2015 “Israel, Woman, Animal, Human: Revisiting “the Jewish Question” (AAA meeting, Denver, CO)

2015 Co-organizer (with Carla Hung) of AAA panel: “Mediterranean Encounters: The Incommensurability of Difference”

2014 “Transnational Feminisms and Interdisciplinarity” (Barnard Center for Research on Women “Locations of Learning: Transnational Feminist Practices” Conference)

2014 “Impossible Sovereignty of Hysterical Possession on Both Sides of the Mediterranean” (AAA meeting, Washington D.C.)

2013 “Speculum of the Postcolonial Woman” (Irigaray Circle Conference, “Thinking Life,” University of Bergen, Norway)

2012 “Explaining The Differend of Israel: Responses from the Field” (Jewish Studies Perilman Symposium, Duke University)

2011 “On the Question of Origin” (“Possibilities of the New: The Subject of Truth in Psychoanalysis,” Cornell University)

2011 Invited Response to Frances Hasso’s “The Governance Bargain Between Women and States in the Middle East” (Women’s Studies Colloquium, Duke University)

2009 “The Ethics and Politics of Anthropology in the Context of Israel” (AAA Philadelphia, PA)

2008  “Ethics, Politics, and Anthropology’s Episteme” (AAA annual meeting, San Francisco, CA).

2004 “States of Exception: The Mas’ha Campsite and Israel’s ‘Separation
” (Conference of the Society for Cultural Anthropology, Portland, OR).

2003 “Mapping Boundaries of Violence and Prospects for Peace in
the Israeli-Palestinian Context” (Panel co-organized with Nell Gabiam at AAA) Chicago, IL)

2003 “Fanning the Flames: The Fight Against Israel’s ‘Security Fence’” (AAA, Chicago, IL)

2002 “Transmogrify Machines in Guatemala: The Politics of NGO’s in Post-Civil War Guatemala” (AAA, New Orleans, LA)

2000 “Growing Pains in Guatemala: Political Struggles of Youth in the Body Politic of Post-War Guatemala”(“Understanding the Social World II”, International Soc. Conference, UK)

1999 “Living With/in Contradictions: The Movement of Youth, History, and Anthropology in the Context of Guatemala’s Peace Process” (AAA, Chicago, IL)