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Before COA

Rosemary joined the Allied Whale lab at COA full time in 1998. She is the marine mammal stranding coordinator for the northeast region of Maine and is a Research Associate with the North Atlantic Humpback Whale Catalogue. Rosemary holds a B.A. (Physiological and Neuropsychology) from McGill University in Montreal, her hometown. She also completed graduate course work at Memorial University of Newfoundland. A student of Dr. Jon Lien’s, she investigated the ice entrapments of blue whales and other cetaceans off the coast of Newfoundland. As well, she was also involved (like all Jon’s students were!) in the Whale Disentanglement Program. She has worked with large baleen whales, especially humpback whales, for over 24 years in Canada, the United States, and on Silver Bank in the Dominican Republic. She was an invited speaker on humpback and fin whale photo-comparison at the Miol Mor International Whale Conference in Ireland in 2005. In November 2015, Rosie was invited by Cheeseman’s Ecological Safaris to join them on their South Georgia, Antarctic expedition as an invited scientist with three other of her Allied Whale colleagues.