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I - Introductory

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  • ADS - Arts & Design Studio

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This course is the fundamental course for students pursuing studies in Arts and Design, offering insights into a range of issues addressed in the arts and design curriculum. 

This course includes studio, field, historical, and theoretical components.  Students learn how basic design principals are applied in garden design, historic architectural styles, and planning.

Students will also examine the history and application of perspective drawing and color theory. Students are expected to observe, document, analyze, and make recommendations for improvement of the designed world. Studio work involves both individual and team efforts which are presented for class critique. Learning to give constructive critique is an essential skill and an integral part of many arts and design courses. The last two weeks are dedicated to final projects where students delve deeper into any aspect of the course. Students are expected to complete each project, read assigned books and excerpts, and participate in class discussions and critiques. All work is submitted at the end of term and evaluations are based on attendance, participation, and submitted work. 



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