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IM - Introductory/Intermediate

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  • ADS - Arts & Design Studio

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Typically offered:

Every other year

This course is an introduction to three dimensional design and sculpture.

Through a variety of projects students will analyze and apply the classic organizing principles of three dimensional design work. Elements of form, space, line, texture, light, color, scale, and time (including sound, sensory perceptions, movement and natural processes) will be explored – with attention paid to how a work functions, involves a viewer, activates a space, or impacts an environment, physically, psychically or socially.

Projects in the class will progress from the creation of objects, to investigations of the sensory and objective aspects of space. Students will experiment with subtractive and constructive processes using traditional as well as contemporary materials such as found, recycled and natural objects.

A diverse range of materials and techniques will be introduced and demonstrated. Discussion of historic and contemporary artists’ work will augment the course. Students will be evaluated based on completion of projects, participation in class discussions and individual/group critiques.



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