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IM - Introductory/Intermediate

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How do motion pictures express ideas? Why do we respond to them in the ways we do?

Film theorists have approached these questions from contexts as diverse as formal composition (sound, mise-en-scène, color, cinematography and editing), signs and symbols (semiotics), cultural and/or gender concerns, and psychoanalysis. In this class, we will practice using these and other theories to understand and analyze moving pictures.

Each week we will screen one or two feature length movies as well as a number of short films. Screenings will be complemented by source texts from critics, theorists, artists/filmmakers and cinephiles. Students may choose to take this course as writing intensive; those who do will be required to write and revise three or four critical response essays based in analytical frameworks covered in the course. All students will be required to complete a final research paper and presentation.

Students should expect to spend 7–9 hours a week in class meetings, labs, and screenings (in addition to writing, research). Students will be evaluated on papers, final projectm and participation in discussions. Writing Focus option.



Previous art class recommended.

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