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MA - Intermediate/Advanced

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  • ADS - Arts & Design Studio

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“space in active dialogue with the things and people it contains…” -RoseLee Golberg, from Space as Praxis

Installation art is one of the most original, vigorous, and fertile forms of contemporary art. It often involves working in specific non-art sites where the activation of the place, or context, of artistic intervention is concerned not only with art and its boundaries, but also with the fusion of art and life. Installation art extends the area of practice from the studio to public space.

Architects, urban planners, and environmental designers consider similar formal and social aspects of space in the creation of city plans, buildings, and public spaces. Through hands-on projects and a survey of historic and contemporary art and design work, this intermediate-level 3D studio course offers an opportunity to explore formal aspects and social contexts of space and time as a medium for making art.

Students will create interior and exterior installations that may incorporate sculptural elements, everyday objects, light, sound, or other devices. Course work will investigate the objective and subjective qualities of space, material, and form, and the meanings created through their juxtaposition. In addition to studio work, we will survey a variety of historic and contemporary contextual art works including: spaces laid out by architects and designers, installation itself as an art form, public art projects, sacred spaces, the work of visionary artists, historic sites, and monuments.

Students will be evaluated on their participation in class activities and critiques, their timely completion of projects, and attendance.


3D studio classes in art, architecture, environmental design, performance art or signature of instructor.

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