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MA - Intermediate/Advanced

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  • ADS - Arts & Design Studio

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Objects have long been significant elements in ritual, dance, theater and performance art; they might be props, body extensions, idols and avatars.

Taught in a workshop format, this course will explore a variety of techniques from traditional theater arts, as well as sculptural ideas that can be integrated into performance. Goals will be to gain a deeper understanding of the power of objects in a performative context; to experiment with a variety of building techniques; to practice, create and refine personal and found objects as art; to explore an object’s potential to spark narrative, illustrate relationship dynamics and fuel theatrical action.

We’ll also study the use of objects in connection with certain forms of performance training and creative collaboration strategies. The course will provide an historic context of objects in performance and will utilize improvisational exercises, personal writing, movement and bodywork. Class topics may include: relationship, scale, sound, duration, repetition, archetype, and viewer participation/performance.

Evaluation will be based on attendance, participation in all group projects, in-class assignments and discussions, demonstrated understanding and mastery of basic skills through the creation of projects, timely completion of all assignments and readings, and effective participation in class critiques.



Movement Training (I or II) or 3D studio, and permission of either instructor.

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