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MA - Intermediate/Advanced

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  • ADS - Arts & Design Studio

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Every other year

As digital photography became affordable and proliferated, many business models, critics, and artists themselves spoke about the final death of traditional, so called “wet” photography.

Film was supposed to be dead, once and for all.

But film wasn’t quite ready to die, and even as the economy and common practice has shifted largely to digital capture, film and photographic paper are still being produced and consumed, albeit on a different scale. This course is an introduction to traditional analog darkroom processes and manual camera operation.

Students will gain a basic understanding of black and white photography through exercises and assignments that emphasize fundamental camera and darkroom skills including: proper metering, evaluating quality of light, elements of composition, good negative making, and evaluation and good print making and evaluation. Work will be critiqued and evaluated based on both technical and aesthetic merit in a class critique format. Readings will be assigned in conjunction with course content.


Intro to Photography or permission of instructor.

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