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A - Advanced

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  • ADS - Arts & Design Studio

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The class further develops ideas, skills, and animation projects through a mix of: in-class projects/demos/skill based activities, readings, discussions, screenings, presentations, and individual meetings with the instructor.

Students will write a production plan that will serve as an outline of each student’s project(s) for the term. The instructor will provide useful activities, information, resources, critiques and guidance. A schedule of presentations of student works-in-progress will be created.

Readings will address ideas and theories related to animation studies and processes. Advanced animation techniques may include camera work and sound design. Work completed over the term may be a single longer animation or a series of animated shorts depending on the student’s preference and animation goals. However, all students will be expected to produce advanced level work and encouraged to experiment and push their work to the highest level.

Students will be evaluated on their projects, participation in critiques and discussions, and overall level of engagement with the course material and class.


Animation, signature of instructor.

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