Course code:



M - Intermediate

Class size limit:


Meets the following requirements:

  • ED - Educational Studies
  • HS - Human Studies

Typically offered:

Every other year

This course pivots around two central questions:

  • How does gender influence students learning and experiences of school, curriculum and instruction, teacher-student relationships, school culture, and administration?
  • And how do schools perpetuate, resist, and construct gendered identities and gender roles?

In this course we will investigate research on gender differences and school achievement, the feminization of the teaching profession, and the effects of gender on school culture, considering evidence from and questions posed by biologists, psychologists, sociologists, anthropologists, historians, and educators. The major objective of the course is to examine how notions of femininity, masculinity, and androgyny have influenced and are influenced by schooling historically and globally.

Activities include a historical case study, media critique, fieldwork in an educational setting, a literature review, and curriculum development. Students will conduct research on self-chosen topics such as gender identity development, gender differences in learning styles, sexual harassment in schools, or school sports programs, among others.

Evaluation will be based on class participation, historical case, media analysis, oral presentation of fieldwork, written synthesis of literature, and two lesson plans.




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