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IM - Introductory/Intermediate

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  • ES - Environmental Science

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Once every three years

This course will take an in depth look at the art and science of fermented and cultured foods.

The first half of the class will focus on the microbiology of fermentation with a specific focus on products derived from milk and soybeans. Each week there will be a laboratory portion in which students will explore how the basic fermentation processes and products change with different milk and soy qualities. These small-scale experiences and experiments will be complemented with field trips to commercial enterprises in Maine and Massachusetts.

In the second half of the term students will explore the differences in flat, yeast, and sourdough breads. Final projects will focus on a foodway of choice and will culminate in presentations that explore the historical and cultural context in which these different cultured foods were developed and how these microbial-mediated processes enhance preservation, nutritional and economic value, and taste.

Evaluations will be based on class participation, short quizzes, a lab report, journal, and a final project.


Permission of instructor

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