Course code:



M - Intermediate

Meets the following requirements:

  • QR - Quantitative Reasoning

Typically offered:

Every other year

The functions studied in Calculus I and II are one-dimensional. But the universe of everyday experience is, at minimum, three-dimensional.

In this course we explore how Calculus can be extended so as to apply to functions of more than one variable, and thus apply to the three-dimensional world.

We will begin by reviewing vectors and functions of several variables. We will then learn about partial derivatives and gradients and how apply these tools to multivariable optimization. Turning our attention to integral calculus, we will next cover double and triple integrals and their applications.

We will conclude with a treatment of line integrals, flux integrals, the divergence and curl of a vector field, and Green’s and Stokes’s theorems. Evaluation will be based on class participation and lengthy weekly problem sets.


Calculus II or the equivalent or signature of instructor.

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