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M - Intermediate

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  • ES - Environmental Science

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This course will explore the many roles that genes play in the biology of organisms, the molecular basis of gene function, and the methodologies used in genetic research and application.

Students in this course should already have a basic understanding from an introductory biology course of the structure and function of genes and chromosomes, the processes involved in gene expression, and patterns of inheritance.

This course will explore these phenomena more deeply as well as delve into a range of other topics, including population genetics, quantitative genetics, genes in development, genomics, and using genetic data to understand human evolution. We will also discuss the use of genetic engineering in industry, agriculture, medicine, and research. We will meet twice weekly for lectures and once per week for discussion of readings and problem sets.

Evaluation is based on short problem sets, take-home exams, an oral presentation, and a final paper.


Successful completion of Biology I or permission of instructor.

Always visit the Registrar's Office for the official course catalog and schedules.