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M - Intermediate

Meets the following requirements:

  • ES - Environmental Science

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This class will build upon the foundational concepts in Geology and Earth System Science covered in Critical Zone I: plate tectonics, rock and mineral classification, weathering and erosion, climate, and cycles (water, carbon, nitrogen).

Students will use the field tools and methods learned in Critical Zone I, including geologic mapping (field and GIS), navigation, and rock/soil identification to complete a term-long field study of the Northeast Creek Watershed.

The course will be mainly field-based with weekly field trips, but will also have supplemental lab and lecture components. Students will work in pairs to complete a term-long study of a specific site within the watershed as proposed during Critical Zone I.

Students will be evaluated based on weekly assignments, quizzes, presentations, and a term-long field project. The field project will culminate in a written report. They will work on their project report throughout the term with opportunities for peer review and revision.


Critical Zone I or equivalent coursework that is approved by instructor prior to preregistration.

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