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M - Intermediate

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Meets the following requirements:

  • ES - Environmental Science

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In this seminar-style class, students will learn about climate change over multiple timescales.

We will discuss the major forcings driving global climate fluctuations - on both long (millions of years) and short (days) timescales, both natural and anthropogenic in nature. Students will learn about the main paleoclimate methodologies being used today to quantify and understand past climates over tens to millions of years. We will also discuss current modeling efforts to predict future climate scenarios.

This course will use primary scientific literature to broadly explore some of the major topics related to climate change including: paleoclimate methods, modeling, feedbacks, atmosphere-ocean interaction, and predicted environmental changes. We will discuss some of the broader impacts of climate change (stresses on resources, water, food, economies, land-use, etc.) according to student interest and expertise.

Beyond discussions in class, students will be required to attend lectures by a few visiting experts in the field. Students will take turn leading discussions on specific topics at least twice during the term.

Assessment will be based on written responses to readings and a final project and presentation.




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