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IM - Introductory/Intermediate

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This course is intended to provide students with an immersion experience in the language and culture of Spanish speakers in the Yucatán Peninsula.

The objectives are to increase their abilities to navigate the linguistic and cultural terrain of another society in sensitive, ethical, and effective ways. Class sessions, visiting lecturers, field trips, and readings will provide background on the history and anthropology of Yucatecan culture.

Immersion experiences and living with a family will provide one important source of experiential learning.

A second will be provided by an independent project or activity developed for each student based on the student’s interests. This independent project will include a practicum experience in some institutional setting that might be a class room (e.g. an art class at the local university), a bakery, an internet café, a church group, or some other place for social service or other work relevant to a student’s interests. This practicum experience will involve weekly activities during the term and more intensive work during the last three weeks.

Evaluation will be based on participation in weekly class discussions and on weekly reflective papers written in Spanish.



Permission of instructor

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