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MA - Intermediate/Advanced

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This course explores current theories, research and ideas in psychology. The core themes of ‘body’, ‘mind’ and ‘soul’ all have a long history of psychological inquiry associated with them. Yet they are every bit as vital and important today.

Some of the most influential authors in the field continue to struggle with these classical philosophical questions—and with ways to incorporate state-of-the-art research on them. In this class, we will read and discuss at least one major new book on each theme. Ideas from these perspectives will be compared, contrasted and critiqued.

In the final portion of the class, we will look especially at ways in which all three themes can be integrated—not only in academic psychology—but within our own experience.

Evaluations will be based on careful reading of all materials, class participation, a series of short papers, and an end-of-term presentation and final paper in each student’s area of personal interest.


Some background in psychology.

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