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MA - Intermediate/Advanced

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  • HS - Human Studies

Typically offered:

Once every three years

This course is part of a three-course sequence entitled “The Unexpected Journey: Art, Literature, and History on the Road in Nuevo Mexico.”

Several Native American tribes reside in the area of New Mexico we will be visiting for two weeks; many Native writers have written about this landscape; and as the written literature has emerged in a hostile environment, it will be fruitful for students to have a living example of this environment and to experience the land and multiple cultures of this region firsthand. To that end, we will also read literary representations of Native American lives and culture written by non-Native Americans.

The course has been designed so as to prepare us to enter the landscape, reflect on it, and read and discuss short works - while placing them in a larger history of the continent and its peoples - while we are away. Each student will write six response papers, keep a journal, research and present an historical issue or event to the class, and write a proposal with bibliography for their final course project. Evaluation will be based on all these components of the course plus class participation as another form of evidence of close and careful reading and engagement in learning to navigate different worldviews and literary conventions.

All three courses must be taken concurrently: Native American Literature: A Case Study of the Development of Literary Traditions with a New Mexico Focus (Waldron), Art and Culture in Northern New Mexico (Clinger), Processing the Unexpected Journey: Aesthetics, Experience, and the Creation of an Interdisciplinary Project (Clinger and Waldron).



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