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This is a reading intensive course that is tied to the annual Camden Conference held in Camden, Maine. This three day conference brings in experts from all over the world to discuss a range of topics related to foreign policy, international relations, and diplomacy.

Over the past several years, College of the Atlantic has developed a relationship with the conference that enables our students to engage the various events over the full three days. Every year highlights a particular theme, with a new set of focused panel discussions, speakers, and readings. The topic of the 2015 conference is “Russia Resurgent.”

Some of the anticipated discussion sessions will involve the following questions: What role will Russia play in global politics in the coming decades? What are the major driving forces that shape Russia’s perceptions of events beyond its borders? Are we entering a new “cold” period in Russian/US relations? Will Russia act as a stabilizing force in helping secure peace in Europe? How can understanding Russian history help inform our view of events today? What is the future of Russian domestic politics and how will this influence its foreign policy? This class is built to parallel the thematic cornerstones of this year’s Camden topic. It is modeled as a reading intensive and discussion based seminar that will include works from both the conference reading list as well as supplemental works.

The goals of the class are twofold. First, to prepare students to attend and play an active role in the conference (attendance is a requirement of the class) by providing them a background immersion in the topics that are at the center of this year’s conference. Secondly, to assist students returning from the conference in critically integrating those experiences with the course materials and their own particular research interests. Class discussion will be jointly led by students and faculty.

Evaluation will be based on a series of short written assignments, attendance and active participation in class discussion, attendance at the conference, and a final written analysis of a particular topic related to the conference theme. Students interested in international relations, global politics, diplomacy, foreign policy, or economic development/trade policies are especially encouraged to enroll. Prior classes in foreign policy are not required. Students who have taken a previous Camden Conference course can also receive credit for this course and are encouraged to consider enrolling.



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