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MA - Intermediate/Advanced

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This trans-disciplinary, project-based course is for students interested in imagining creative and effective ways to convey science-based information to a diverse audience.

Participants will engage in a collaboration between students, Acadia National Park staff, and COA faculty to create a conceptual plan for the redesign of the nature center in Acadia National Park. With over 50,000 visitors annually, The Sieur de Monts Nature Center has long served as an important space for natural history interpretation in the park. Students will work both on- and off-campus to examine current research in ecological change over time and concurrently explore innovative approaches in the design of educational environments.

Students interested in the life sciences, arts and design, experiential and informal education, and science education/interpretation will work together to outline educational goals, generate ideas and potential plans for exhibits and activities that will shape how visitors perceive and interact with Acadia National Park.

Each student will build on her or his interests and background while participating in a creative team process that follows national park guidelines for the development of interpretative media. While engaging in this work, students will hone skills in translating research, writing and editing for exhibits, employing visual communication, and designing educational spaces.

Evaluation will be based on the level of collaboration and class participation, ability to effectively communicate in writing and/or visual terms, and on quality of class projects and presentations.



Permission of instructor and one or more of the following: Curiosity and Wonder; Experiential Education; Creating Effective Environments For Learning; Biology Through the Lens; Advanced Graphic Design; or at least one *ES* course.

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