My approach to human ecology:

Human Ecology has been an exploration of myself - What person do I want to be? How many things can I embody all at once? What are things that move me?

I have taken courses in art, music, gardening, language, education, writing and theory. My focus is in social work with refugee communities and victims of domestic violence through art, horticulture, and community engagement.


A victim support advocate at The Next Step: Domestic Violence Project in a nearby Maine town called Ellsworth. It was a great opportunity to connect to the wider Maine community and really experience what life in Maine is like beyond the sweet town of Bar Harbor. This work included shifts on the emergency hotline and as a support advocate in court. I shadowed several experienced advocates at Next Step. I assisted in a support group with mothers who are undergoing drug and alcohol rehabilitation and offered expressive art and mindfulness sessions.

Senior project:

Creating an interactive presentation written in English and Arabic, that uses art to promote body autonomy and discussion on domestic violence. I will facilitate these presentations in Syrian refugee settlements in North Lebanon.

Passions & motivations:

Love is what moves me! I love people, art, music, agriculture, animals, oceans, food, community, trees, words, Sun! My passion is using the mediums I love and enjoy to support vulnerable communities.

COA might be the right college for you if...

you are curious about exploring the worlds inside you, are willing to try new interests, have lots of interests and passions and want to choose them all!


Mount Desert Island and towns around Maine are filled with incredibly passionate and diverse people! Getting to know the people and places beyond Bar Harbor has changed my COA experience forever!