Getting here:

Both of my parents met at and graduated from COA in the 80s, so I’ve always had a strong connection to the school as I was growing up. I also began spending a lot of time socializing with the community at and around COA in ’14. Before then, I had no intention of ever attending any college, it seemed a bit pointless, but after immersing myself into the social climate, I almost immediately changed my mind and applied early decision. I’m not sure that any college other than COA could have changed my mind at all, let alone so quickly.


Morphology and Diversity of Plants, Trees and Shrubs of Mount Desert Island; Jill Weber
Ecology: Natural History, Ornithology; Scott Swann
Writing Fundamentals; Dan Mahoney
HE Core Course; Jodi Baker
Failure; Jodi Baker and Jay Friedlander
Introduction to Piano; John Cooper
Biology: Cellular Processes of Life; Steve Ressel
World Percussion; Michael Bennet

Favorite class:

Every single class I have taken with Jodi Baker, Kourtney Collum, Jill Weber, or Scott Swann, have been phenomenal.


I interned at the Bar Harbor Bicycle Shop right near the college. I worked on bikes and learned the ins and outs of running a small business.

Senior project:

I am doing my senior project on the traditions of food in homesteading. I am baking tons of simple bread, making cheese, and canning so many summer veggies and fruits!

Life on Mount Desert Island:

Every place you go here is exquisitely beautiful, from the windy top of Cadillac Mountain to the tide-dependent Anemone Cave. Having Acadia National Park literally as your backyard is one of the most incredible experiences.

Passions & motivations:

Music, agriculture, farming, homesteading, woodworking, photography

Adventures yet to come:

It is my long term goal to build a homestead with my partner in midcoast Maine in the next several years.

Best meal on campus:

It is always a chance whenever you go to TAB. Even if the food looks amazing on the menu, it can be a little off, or when it says ‘Marinated Tempeh’ for the fourth time in a week, it can turn out to be the best meal you’ve ever had… Just give it a shot.

COA might be the right college for you if...

You don’t think that a “conventional” college would be a good fit for you … You like the company of inclusive, generous, accepting, enthusiastic, driven, and above all kind people … You want to be challenged to grow and refine every aspect of your being. Again and again and again.