Getting here:

I stumbled upon the college online, then stumbled onto campus for a visit (and happened to fall in love).


Some of my favorites: Graphic Design I, Intimate Partner Violence, Linguistics, World Literature, Adolescent Psychology,  Cold War: Early + Later Years, Personality and Social Development, Intro to the Counseling Process, Practicum in Advocacy and Group Therapy

Favorite class:

Intimate Partner Violence: Dynamics and Community Response. Addressing issues surrounding Domestic Violence is something I am very passionate about. This class afforded me the opportunity to explore and engage in dialogue about DV topics that are incredibly difficult. I was also able to use this class as a stepping stone be certified as an advocate at Next Step Domestic Violence Project, an incredible organization that works with survivors of DV. The class informs a lot of the work I am currently doing and is something I always go back to.


I interned at the Atlantic County Justice Facility where I worked closely with the mental health team to learn about how psychopathology is addressed in the correctional system. In short, I was doing work in DBT, drug and alcohol counseling, and psychiatric intakes. 

Life on Mount Desert Island:

The late night drives to stargaze, the beautiful views at every edge and coast line, the quiet mornings, the sunrises, the sunsets, the heavy snowfall that glitters.

Activities, traditions, celebrations:

Cooking with friends! Having breakfast in TAB! Any opportunity where there is dancing!

Best meal on campus:

Sea Urchin sandwiches!!!!!