Getting here:

I took a gap year after attending a performing arts charter public school. I believe gap years should be requisite for all students- so if you’re considering one, do it!

I attended a more traditional college in Michigan for a year, but I really longed for a school that didn’t focus so much on grades and tests, which felt like meaningless memorization and regurgitation. I found COA because of its alternative pedagogy, which meshed perfectly with my own.


Business and Nonprofit Basics, Improv I and II, Whitewater/Whitepaper, Intro to the Legal Process, Woodworking Independent Study, Failure, Graphic Design Studio, Indigenous America, African American Literature, Independent Study in Portuguese, Chaos and Fractals…


Senior project:

Beginning to make plans to live at a spiritual community deep in the Brazilian Amazon that is connected to my spiritual path.

Life on Mount Desert Island:

Living in a national park is far more rewarding than I could have imagined. I hike and run in the park nearly every day, and my goal is to explore every inch of the island by the end of my time here.

Sand Beach

COA might be the right college for you if...

you want a school that will support you as a whole student, and will allow you to pursue your passions as part of your degree- not separately.