Getting here:

For the past few years I wanted to work with science.  Now my interests have moved onto education and human studies.  Specifically, Experiential Education, [Wilderness] Therapy, and Psychology.  Don’t be surprised when this school influences your passions, it will do that to you for the better, not worse.


Human Ecology Core Course,  Biology: Form and Function,  The Cold War: Early Years;  Geographic Information Systems (GIS),  Introduction to the Legal Process,  3D Studio Art;  Climate and Weather,  Introduction to the Philosophy of the Mind;  Experiential Education,  Climate Justice,  Contemporary Psychology: Mind, Body, and Soul;  Philosophies of Love,  Personality and Social Development;  Introduction the Economy and Economics,  Bread Love and Dreams,  Topics in Philosophical Psychology: Other Minds; Adolescent Psychology, History of Agriculture: Apples; Tutorial: Introduction to the Counseling Process, Writing Seminar I: Exposition, Cidra Quesos y Granjas; Curriculum Design and Assessment, Human Relations: Principles and Practice, Chinese Philosophy 

Favorite class:

Bread, Love, and Dreams

Experiential Education

Introduction to the Philosophy of the Mind

Adolescent Psychology

Tutorial: Introduction to the Counseling Process

My approach to human ecology:

Human ecology can be seen in everyday walks of life.  One word to describe it would be, interdisciplinary. 


I was the Assistant Camp Director at the Mount Desert Island YMCA’s summer camp, Camp Cadillac.

Life on Mount Desert Island:

Bar Harbor is like a ghost town in the winter and since it’s a small town you get to know people really well, and see them everywhere.  We have non-competitive recreational sports and activities; also Acadia National Park is a 5 minute drive from campus.  And did I mention there’s one road in, one road out?

Activities, traditions, celebrations:

COA is unlike any other college in that we don’t have any team sports.  However we do play indoor soccer and basketball at the YMCA.  It’s a fun time, not really any competitive sports.  I really enjoyed participating in the Bar Island Swim my first year, it’s a tradition we do to start off the new school year. 

Passions & motivations:

I want to be a wilderness therapist to help others turn their lives around using therapy and nature.

Best meal on campus:

The mac and cheese/savory tofu, and Reubens are bomb, plus the salad bar.

COA might be the right college for you if...

You have an open mind and benefit from 1 on 1 engagement with professors.  Willingness to take on new, difficult challenges.


Like every other liberal arts college, but on a smaller scale.