Getting here:

For the past few years I wanted to work with science.  Now my interests have moved onto education and human studies.  Specifically, Experiential Education, [Wilderness] Therapy, and Psychology.  Don’t be surprised when this school influences your passions, it will do that to you for the better, not worse.


Human Ecology Core Course,  Biology: Form and Function,  The Cold War: Early Years;  Geographic Information Systems (GIS),  Introduction to the Legal Process,  3D Studio Art;  Climate and Weather,  Introduction to the Philosophy of the Mind;  Experiential Education,  Climate Justice,  Contemporary Psychology: Mind, Body, and Soul;  Philosophies of Love,  Personality and Social Development;  Introduction the Economy and Economics,  Bread Love and Dreams,  Topics in Philosophical Psychology: Other Minds; Adolescent Psychology, History of Agriculture: Apples; Tutorial: Introduction to the Counseling Process, Writing Seminar I: Exposition, Cidra Quesos y Granjas; Curriculum Design and Assessment, Human Relations: Principles and Practice, Chinese Philosophy 

Favorite class:

Bread, Love, and Dreams

Experiential Education

Introduction to the Philosophy of the Mind

Adolescent Psychology

Tutorial: Introduction to the Counseling Process

My approach to human ecology:

Human ecology can be seen in everyday walks of life.  One word to describe it would be, interdisciplinary. 

Life on Mount Desert Island:

Bar Harbor is like a ghost town in the winter and since it’s a small town you get to know people really well, and see them everywhere.  We have non-competitive recreational sports and activities; also Acadia National Park is a 5 minute drive from campus.  And did I mention there’s one road in, one road out?

Activities, traditions, celebrations:

COA is unlike any other college in that we don’t have any team sports.  However we do play indoor soccer and basketball at the YMCA.  It’s a fun time, not really any competitive sports.  I really enjoyed participating in the Bar Island Swim my first year, it’s a tradition we do to start off the new school year. 

Passions & motivations:

I want to be a wilderness therapist to help others turn their lives around using therapy and nature.

Best meal on campus:

The mac and cheese, ruben, and ribs are bomb as well as the salad bar.

COA might be the right college for you if...

You have an open mind and benefit from 1 on 1 engagement with professors.  Willingness to take on new, difficult challenges.


Like every other liberal arts college, but on a smaller scale.