Human Ecology Core Course, Experiential Education, Acadia: Exploring the National Park Idea, Calculus III: Multivariable Calculus, Writing Seminar I: Exposition, Starting Your Novel, Introduction to the Philosophy of Mind, Latin American Literature: Postmemory & Cultural Production, Tutorial: Ongoing Fiction, Political Persuasion and Messaging Fundamentals, Little Magazines: Seminar in Contemp. Literary Publishing, Advanced Composition, Four-Dimensional Studio, Nineteenth Century American Women, and Autobiography.

Favorite class:

Starting Your Novel, taught by Bill Carpenter. You sit in Bill’s office once a week with two fellow students and gaze out at the bay and at the white-tailed deer moving silently past the window in search of winter sustenance. Bill reads aloud from the chapter you’ve written that week and calls you out on your laziness at proofreading errors and use of clichéd passages. There is something odd and fantastic about listening to a reader speak your hidden thoughts publicly. When Bill reads your writing, it is as if you wrote a script just for him. He follows every word, regardless of error, in a low, gruff voice. Your flaws are on display, but at the same time, when your writing flows and the story unfolds, you get to hear your reader respond to your work. It makes all the little mistakes worth it.


Activities, traditions, celebrations:

Working as an editor for Bateau Press, COA’s literary magazine, is a rewarding experience; we read hundreds of submissions to the journal, host readings by local poets, sew chapbooks by hand, and eat bagels and cheese on Sunday mornings.