Class Year


Current Hometown:

Cherryfield, Maine

Job and Employer

Co-Founder/Co-CEO at Maine Outdoor School L3C


Graduate School

Antioch University New England ’15; Teton Science School ’14

Graduation Year



MS Resource Management and Conservation

Senior project:

Plants and People of New England: Our Contemporary Reliance on Traditional Knowledge


Anne McIntyre, Herbalist, Gloucestershire, UK

Human ecology in action:

I firmly believe that human ecology is the most important concept for everyone to understand in order to make this world a sustainable place for all life. No discipline or action ever stands on its own; the impacts are broader-reaching than we can ever imagine. Understanding that concept regardless of your career or academic path is vital.

A COA experience that was particularly significant or memorable:

I have two: Trees and Shrubs of MDI during my first year and Winter Ecology during my fourth year. Trees and Shrubs re-opened my eyes to my passion for botany and led me to pursue a plant-based trajectory for the rest of my time at COA. Winter Ecology, however, re-opened my eyes to my passion for all things natural history related, beyond plants, and my passion for life in winter. Realizing my penchant for these more general naturalist pursuits led me towards work in the environmental education field post-COA.

Considerations for prospective students:

I loved the interdisciplinary nature of COA focused on the relationship between humans and the environment. I stayed because I was constantly supported to follow my passions and interests.