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MA - Intermediate/Advanced

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Students will be invited to attend twice weekly workshops. The course will consider the anatomy of a successful poem. Published poems will be taken to pieces, their parts named and identified, and then put back together in a creative synthesis. This is a nuts and bolts course. Each class will include a short sharp treatment from the instructor on one aspect—one component—of the successful poem: the choice between lyric and narrative, line-breaking, punctuation, irony, the work of the line, the work of the sentence, and so forth. Each student will be expected to write and bring at least one new poem along to every class. Alongside this, the module will give serious attention to the protocols of the poetry publishing market, concentrating on the UK and US. Students will be evaluated by a Creative Folder, containing the best poems they produced during the course, and a Reading Paper, considering their reading of contemporary collections and what they had learned from them. All students will be invited to offer a presentation to the group, based upon a single collection of their choice. This will be good preparation for the Reading Paper.

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