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I - Introductory

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Every other year

Contemporarily, we know that photography functions to inform or misinform, persuade or propagandize but the power of the still image to hold our gaze does not, by itself, seem to be diminishing; we still expect and rely upon images to tell stories and document events, give voice to fine artists and simultaneously sell products, looks and lifestyles. This is a seminar course designed to elicit discussion and critique around an evolving personal project. Students will work to refine technical skills and work on a personal style to build a small but cohesive body of work. Emphasis will be on defining a project with a specific intent, audience and outcome and aligning it with the individual maker’s personal history, interests and skill level. A combination of one-on-one instruction, seminar style discussion and group critique will be employed along with open lab time for technical problem solving. All methods and image making techniques are welcome. Some reading will be expected.



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