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I - Introductory

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Once every three years

Starting from Quantitative Research, moving to Qualitative Research, and finally to Mixed Methods Research, this course will give students with some background in Human Studies a methodological base on which to build their research. The course will explore different research methods and will approach them both in practical and theoretical perspectives. Students will be asked to engage in mock interviews and collection of quantitative data in order to gain a sensibility for both the methods of data collection and how to design the most appropriate methodology for specific research projects. Providing a series of tools, this course will be fundamental for all who want to engage in social research or prepare for acquiring more comprehensive and deeper knowledge of society at large.  This introductory course is open to all students who want to know more about research methodologies in the humanities. Students will be evaluated on class participation (including attendance) and assignments, which may include a take-home final, an oral discussion of the material, and a class presentation.



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