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M - Intermediate

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Upon occasion

This tutorial will devote the first two-thirds of the course to learning material typical of an introductory immunology course.  Topics for this part of the course will include  antibodies, macrophages, neutrophils, MHC, antigen processing, T and B cells, cytotoxic responses, cell-mediated immunity, immunodeficiency, autoimmunity, hypersensitivity, and immunity to infectious disease, This will include watching a series of lectures from an introductory class online while going through a traditional Immunology textbook and then coming to class to work on questions from the lectures.  Approximately the last third of the course will be seminar-style, in which students lead discussions on primary literature in subjects of their choice in immunology.  Students will be assessed using short quizzes on the online lecture material, 1-2 essay exams, student engagement and participation in the class, taking turns leading for individual lecture areas, and a paper and presentation of a topic at the end of the term.  


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