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A - Advanced

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Upon occasion

In this advanced level tutorial students will learn to identify around 50 common minerals in hand sample, and around 10 common minerals in thin section. Building on the ability to identify minerals, students will learn to properly classify igneous and metamorphic rocks based on the type and abundance of different minerals. The tutorial will follow weekly readings from a Mineralogy textbook and students will complete a rock/mineral lab each week for the first 8 weeks. During weesk 9–10, each student will present a petrological study of a specific area in the world (different geologically than MDI). Through weekly in-class labs and field trips, students will work together on a term-long project to classify the rocks and minerals of MDI and to build a more complete COA rock teaching collection.  Students will be evaluated on their performance on weekly problem sets, quizzes, and their petrological study presentation.


One introductory geology course (Natural Resources, Geology and Humanity, Geology of MDI or equivalent); permission of instructor.

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