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I - Introductory

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Upon occasion

This introductory level tutorial teaches students to write unambiguous memos, reports, executive summaries, and senior project proposals. Students will also write a white paper on some aspect of research in Acadia National Park. These papers will provide background on current park research for members of the interpretive division of Acadia-information they will share with visitors-and should be written in language the lay public can easily grasp.  This practice-oriented approach not only gives students an experience that closely parallels one they will encounter as professionals but also provides an opportunity to communicate data effectively and concisely to specific audiences. This tutorial will meet a minimum of three times a week; at least one session will be devoted exclusively to problems students encounter in communicating information; this session will be with a writing tutor. At the end of the term, students will submit a portfolio of all drafts of each piece of writing.  We will use this portfolio and notes from conferences with students to evaluate the progress students make in writing effectively, revising substantively, and understanding  different types of technical writing.


Permission of instructor.

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