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MA - Intermediate/Advanced

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The Committee on World Food Security (CFS) of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) is a central institution for international governance of food security issues. This tutorial on the CFS will introduce the students to its history, structure, form and function. Students will learn about the mechanisms of multilateral governance of food security by the CFS through examination of primary official documents of the FAO, the World Food Program, the International Fund for Agricultural Development, and Bioversity International, as well as primary texts of non-governmental organizations. The course will focus on both theory and practice: learning practical skills to participate in intergovernmental negotiations in the context of food security issues, as well as developing a theoretical understanding of the contested nature of the CFS space: what is the contest, how the space is defined (formally and discursively), how different actors in the space use it, and to what outcome. Evaluation will be based on class discussion, a briefing paper developed on a CFS agenda item, and a final synthetic paper on a topic of interest.


The course was originally designed to enable participation by students in the CFS meeting in Rome, 7-11 October, 2013.


Permission of instructor.

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