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This advanced tutorial explores the dynamics of power in relation to issues of age, class, gender, race, nationality, ethnicity, religion, language, disability, sexuality, and other social identities.  In this reading and discussion-based seminar, we will consider these interactions in personal, institutional, and international spheres by looking at theoretical and empirical studies. For example, do men really have a greater desire for power?  Is it possible to share power within a group? How do colonial legacies impact social relations in post-colonial states? Students will read historical, psychological, and sociological theory on patriarchy, identity politics, and neo-colonialism, and apply their understanding to current problems of social justice.  Weekly seminars will provide opportunities for students to critically examine key texts and collectively construct understandings about the nature of power, identity development, and “culture wars.” Evaluation will be based on class discussions, written responses to readings, case study research, and an independent or collaborative project of the student’s choice.  This tutorial will be of particular interest to students of social and political theory as well as those seeking to examine their personal relationship to power.  


Prior coursework or independent reading in psychological/social/political theory recommended; permission of instructor.

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