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A - Advanced

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Upon occasion

This is a creative-writing course for experienced writers interested in developing a book-length work, either a novel or story chain.  Emphasis will be on overall narrative design, coherence, and continuity, as well as creative process and reader response. We will begin with the nature of inspiration and the relation of fiction to experience (both literary and personal), along with a close study of the opening  strategies of several classic and contemporary novels. Each student will design a complete novel in concept, then address the basic questions of time, tense, viewpoint, setting, tone, plot and characterization, and their dynamic relations in the novel’s evolution. The latter portion of the term will be devoted to actual written production, and it is expected that several chapters will be produced and revised to a second-draft level of readability. Evaluation will be based on the discipline, quality and promise of the written work.


Permission of instructor.

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