Getting here:

I started college at a state university and disliked how impersonal my classes were. I found it difficult to learn in an environment where my classmates weren’t passionate and my professors were difficult to access. I knew that I needed a change in learning environment, and that led me to COA! I really enjoyed my experience at an expeditionary learning high school, so I think that was another important part of my decision to attend COA.


COA allows students to do independent studies, which I have found so valuable for my path in Human Ecology. They allows students to fine-tune their interests and explore beyond the course catalog. I have done independent studies in critical race theory, the rhetoric, law, and politics surrounding women’s/reproductive health care, and an independent study with the Next Step Domestic Violence Project where I completed intimate partner violence advocacy training.

Favorite class:

My favorite, most rewarding classes have been:

  • Sex, Gender, Identity, and Power
  • Problems and Dilemmas in Bioethics
  • Hate Crimes in the U.S. and Europe
  • Intimate Partner Violence: Dynamics and Community Response
  • Genocide, Resistance, Response, and Reconciliation 
  • Evolution
  • Constitutional Law: Civil Rights and Liberties

My approach to human ecology:

Social justice + advocacy + reproductive health care + evolutionary ecology = Human Ecology


I did my internship at the Maine People’s Alliance in Portland, a non-profit grassroots organization. I planned a health care event and canvassed for Medicaid expansion, which successfully passed on the November 2017 ballot!

Senior project:

I am in the works of planning my senior project on the barriers to abortion care in the U.S. and Maine.

Activities, traditions, celebrations:

I have work-study in the mailroom and I co-lead COA’s Planned Parenthood Generation Action chapter!

COA might be the right college for you if...

you enjoy small class sizes, close relationships with peers and professors, critical thinking, and change making.