Getting here:

I completed a year at a community college in central New York to take some core classes before I transferred to COA. 


Trees & Shrubs of MDI

Gardens & Greenhouses - Theory & Practice of Organic Gardening

Intro to Lichens & Bryophytes

U.S. Farm & Food Policy

Farm Animal Management 

Business & Nonprofit Basics

Launching A New Venture

Independent Studies in: Monilophytes, Plant Propagation methods, In-Vitro Plant Propagation, Fern Ecology


I have shaped my curriculum at COA to learn about agriculture and plant science though my independent work has been the most productive and satisfying aspect of my education. 

Favorite class:

Farm Animal Management was an incredible class. Students were provided with hands on experience with farm animals and tours of the farms that they live on as well as a wealth of knowledge from Kourtney Collum and CJ Walke.

My approach to human ecology:

My main focus at COA is pteridology, or the study of ferns and fern allies though my interests intersect with photography, ecology, botany, and agriculture. 


More to come…. NYBG??

Senior project:

My senior project is a catalog of ferns that occur on a coastal island owned and preserved by Maine Coast Heritage Trust and a book displaying my photography of ferns. 

Life on Mount Desert Island:

Life on MDI can be as quiet or as busy and exciting as you want it to be though it is a completely different place during the tourist season. 

Passions & motivations:


Adventures yet to come:

I will always study ferns. No doubt about it. 

Best meal on campus:

I only ever ate Cup O’ Noodles on campus.

COA might be the right college for you if...

you are independently motivated. It doesn’t matter if you have a complete idea of what you want to study or where you want to end up. As long as you are able to work with your adviser and motivate yourself to do your best, you will succeed here. 


Campus is lit at night with lights strapped to trees

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

The egg… from a bird that was not a chicken.