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M - Intermediate

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  • ES - Environmental Science

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Every other year

This companion course to Lichen Biology covers the biology of the group of land plants known collectively as bryophytes, which includes the “true” mosses, as well as the liverworts and hornworts.  The course will cover the classification, morphology, life history, physiology, and ecological requirements of the various groups, as well as their rich diversity as directly experienced by students in the field and laboratory where emphasis will be given to the collection, identification, and curation of representative taxa.  The ecology of Sphagnum and peat formation will receive particular attention since poor fens and bogs are such a striking feature of the regional vegetation.  Two all-day field trips are planned.  Students will be evaluated on: (a) class participation, including field trips (20%), (b) demonstrated capacity for doing independent work (20%), and (c) a student final project consisting of a properly identified and curated collection of 30 species of bryophytes excluding taxa identified in class as part of group keying exercises (60%). 


College level introductory biology or botany course, or consent of the instructor.

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