Why I Give

On the 25th of every month I receive a text-message notification from my bank that reminds me that I used to live by the ocean. I pause in the memory of snow and the taste of it with maple syrup. I recall the first time I saw contra dancing, joined picnics on mountainsides, and smelled freshly exposed seaweed. I relish the few short years I lived in a place where my professors cared about my theories, my peers were dynamic innovators, and I didn’t have to worry about venomous snakes. I am a member of the Black Fly Society which allows me to seamlessly give a monthly paperless donation to COA. Although my donation is small in the grand scheme of things, it impacts the alumni donor percentage just the same.

I joined the Black Fly Society because I need a monthly reminder that Take-A-Break is not a figment of my imagination, but I also donate so that I can aid COA in bringing the experiences I had to future students.

Plus, I got a really cool sticker.