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IM - Introductory/Intermediate

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Failure looms large in society. Is it a badge of honor, an inextricable part of a process, a means to success or rather something to be feared and ashamed of? In this course students will explore how notions of failure align and contrast between gender, class and culture. We will also explore if conceptions of failure differ substantially among the artistic, business and other communities. In divergence with historical attitudes, today’s entrepreneurs are implored to “fail cheap and fail fast” and events, like FailCon, celebrate failure as a badge of honor. In art failure is simply inherent to process. And yet, the fear and sting of failure is real for everyone. Through a series of practicums, readings, guest lectures, and discussions this class will explore various aspects of failure. Students will be evaluated on class participation, a series of solo and group projects, selections from a failure journal, and contributions to a shared class blog.




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