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This tutorial is an advanced course on the UN Convention on Biological Diversity and its two subsidiary protocols: on biosafety and on access and benefit sharing. Students in the course will become familiar with the texts of the agreements, and examine in more legal and political detail a smaller set of key issues within each agreement that are currently the focus of intergovernmental negotiations. Each student will choose one or more elements of the Convention or its protocols on which they will develop significant expertise, which they will share with other students in the class through regular presentations. Students will be evaluated based on several presentations, a briefing document on a particular element of the agreement, and daily written analysis of negotiating sessions during the Conference of the Parties (COP) and Meetings of the Parties (MOPs) to the agreements or a final research paper for students choosing to not attend the meetings. The course will culminate in optional student participation at the current COP and MOPs (in 2016, Cancún, México).


Permission of instructor.

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