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IM - Introductory/Intermediate

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  • HS - Human Studies

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Upon occasion

This course is an introduction to literary magazines and the work of editing. We will examine the history of “little” magazines from the mid nineteenth century to the present day. We will investigate the impact of literary magazines on literary culture in America and the world. This class will also be dedicated to surveying the current literary landscape, both print and digital, with special emphasis on Bateau, the new literary magazine being published at College of the Atlantic. Through the production of Bateau, the course will offer practical experience in literary publishing: students will gain experience in editing, layout and production, as well as publicizing and promoting the finished product. Students will be expected to respond to course readings on literary magazines and culture as well as keep detailed response notes to submissions to the magazine. Student editors will recommend pieces for publication, rejection, and/or further consideration. In addition to editorial duties, students will be expected to complete a midterm and a final project.


Writing Seminar, a creative writing or literature class.

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