Class Year


Current Hometown:

Portland, Maine

Job and Employer

Managing Editor, TrueLine Publishing


I manage text content for five national trade publications (US Business Executive, US Builders Review, Canadian Business Executive, Vanguard [law] and Toggle [tech]) assigning, writing and editing stories/journals/other media. We’re a custom publisher and my work entails a lot of communication and customer service. Most of what we do is geared toward boosting the digital footprint of the companies and executives we feature, but in between I get to learn a lot about different sectors of the economy and the challenges that face all kinds of businesses in a slew of barely post-recession markets. It’s great perspective.

Graduate School

Not yet!

Senior project:

Digital Nonfiction Portfolio (compiled a reflection on my progress as a professional writer and built a digital portfolio on my own website, which has since moved)


Blue School in Ellsworth, and then Portland Magazine

Human ecology in action:

I think it inspires a lot of my freelance writing and community service. Human Ecology also offers some perspective when it comes to my full-time work and I get to nerd out when we profile members of the U.S. Green Building Council.

A COA experience that was particularly significant or memorable:

Oh boy, there are a ton of these - I’m picking two: working as a deck-mate on Indigo the summer after my junior year, which gave me good practice in navigation, communication and thinking on my feet; rediscovering a love of research, interviewing and writing with Todd Little-Siebold, who sent me off to the Salt Institute my senior year.

Considerations for prospective students:

Make the best of the resources available to you, particularly your professors and the National Park in your backyard. You will miss them when you begrudgingly leave the island.