Class Year


Current Hometown:

Charlottesville, VA

Job and Employer

Architect & Sustainability Coordinator, Parsons Inc & ENVIRON Design


At Parsons, our principle client is the Office of Job Corps, Dept. of Labor, which runs 124 Job Corps campuses around the country and Puerto Rico. Travel to, surveying, and planning improvements to these centers is very fulfilling. This is especially so given the mission of Job Corps and the far flung places they are located.

I also provide consulting and building inspections for green construction projects (see as an architect and LEED AP.

Community work & family

Other Projects Outside Work:

- Until recently I was Vice-Chair of the National Capital Region Chapter of the US Green Building Council 

- Both my daughters and 5 grandkids live in or near Charlottesville.

- I am developing/renovating a house I’ve bought for accommodating vegetarians in Charlottesville, Virginia – “Camillia Bagh”

Graduate School

North Carolina State University School of Design (Raleigh, NC)

Graduation Year



Master of Architecture; Thesis: Ecological Development on a North Carolina Barrier Island.

Senior project:

Community Housing


COA internship: NACUL Center, Amherst, Mass

Human ecology in action:

I’ve done extended work as a sustainability and LEED (Green Building) Consultant. I’ve owned and run a small design firm specializing in use of green materials and systems.

A COA experience that was particularly significant or memorable:

Ceramic design and study with Ernie McMullen.

Construction worker on Dick and Nora Davis’s solar home.

Survey and documenting the Turrets building, with Roc Caivano.

Swimming in Frenchman Bay.

Considerations for prospective students:

COA is a place to clarify values and align them with one’s Self and the life of the Earth. COA is also a fabulous place to learn job / career skills such as research, design, composition, and the use of the brain.