Class Year


Current Hometown:

Windham, CT

Job and Employer

PhD Candidate, UConn, Geography


As a graduate student, I have been fortunate enough to teach Globalization for two semesters. As a human ecologist and geographer, I bring an interdisciplinary perspective to teaching Global Affairs. In both classes I have had 60 students, which necessitates a lot of lecturing.  Next spring I will be teaching Global Environmental Politics – this class will be very hands-on and practical, similar to how I learned about global environmental politics with Doreen Stabinsky and Ken Cline at COA. 

Community work & family

Adelina Mkami ’11 and I volunteer as farm mangers at a local community organization with a small kitchen garden similar to the one we started in the summer of 2011 at COA’s Peggy Rockefeller Farms. We are also helping organize a UNESCO food conference on human rights in the fall the University of Connecticut. 

Graduate School

University of Connecticut

Graduation Year



Masters in International Studies, PhD in Geography

Senior project:

The Politics of a Promise, Local Political Ideologies in Saban Quintana Roo Mexico


Lawyer Environmental Action Team (LEAT), Tanzania

Human ecology in action:

Human ecology instills the philosophy of holistic approach to problems, understanding the connections and relationships among things. 

A COA experience that was particularly significant or memorable:

I have wonderful memories from COA. I will just share a few. There is no particular ranking for my whole experience in COA has had a profound influence in my life. Adelina told me a few days ago that I did not drink the Kool-Aid in COA rather I started making the Kool-Aid as soon as I got there. She is right; I felt that sense of belonging in COA. Living in Seafox in my first year was great, I made so many wonderful friends. Working with Sarah Luke [dean of student life] as an RA provided me with so much perspective on leadership. Negotiating climate change with the Saint Lucian government is because of advice from faculty members Doreen Stabinsky and Ken Cline Their advice has shaped my research and career trajectory. Jamie McKown’s patience as an adviser helped me succeed at COA. I took so many classes with Jamie, all of which were both intellectually stimulating and fun. Anne Kozak was more than a professor, I felt she was like family; I could talk to her about anything. Todd and Christa Little-Siebold taught me the importance of field research and allowing yourself to learn from others. I could go on and on! 

Considerations for prospective students:

COA will provide you with the tools (the community, resources, professors, etc.) but you must build whatever education you want. It is ok if you are not sure right now, you will have a lot of time and opportunity to learn. COA is a small intimate college but its reach is global. When in doubt, find solace in friends and professors they will help you.