Getting here:

I’ve lived on a flat, populated island my whole life. Mountains and crashing waves on rocks were a creation foreign to me and I hadn’t much experience with a place as beautiful as Acadia before. I had done Islands Through Time the summer of 2014. During the program, the college took us to Otter Cliffs. It was the first place in Acadia I have ever been to, as well as the first national park I’ve explored. Being there made me feel like myself for the first time in my life. I wanted to meet the girl I envision myself being; I want to become her. COA has all the opportunities for me to become every version of myself I dream of, and my heart was set on coming here since.


I design my curriculum to fulfill vet school requirements. Other memorable classes I’ve taken include Marine Biology, Marine Mammal Biology, Tutorial: Marine Mammal Physiology, and Farm Animal Management. 

Favorite class:

My favorite class so far has been a tutorial in marine mammal physiology. The class was only 5 students large and was taught more like a group study, so most of our work was self-directed. Every week, we performed a necropsy on a pinniped to further explore physiological mechanisms of marine mammals we were learning about. We each took turns as appointed roles such as necropsy team leader, press/public relations, safety officer, etc. In addition to the weekly necropsy, subject material was also supplemented during class with Skype conferences with leading marine mammal biologists.  I loved this class so much because we were exposed to so much responsibility and overall it was a success! The opportunity to participate in such a unique class reminded me of why I wanted to come to College of the Atlantic. 


I spent summer 2018 in New Hampshire at Myhre Equine Clinic as an equine veterinary extern.

Best meal on campus:

Stuffed squash

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

A circle has no beginning.